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Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wonderful Book! Sleepwalkers Guide To Dancing

I believe it is this authors first novel. A Sleepwalkers Guide To Dancing contains the craziness of an immigrated family life, emotions galore, and easy reading as well.

One of the things I was fascinated by this book was all the Indian food that this family cooked, piquing my interest so much, I checked out an Indian cooking book at the Teton County Library. where I also checked this book out sitting there, wanting me to check it out.

This was a wonderful reprieve to the 5 Science Fiction books I have poured through the past 2 months.

No real herbal lore here, but the food's may intrigue you as well as the storyline. Please share if you read it and like it.

Also, for my body butter fans, I have a few listed at Dreamseeds @ HC  and Dreamseeds@Etsy
including on with a few essential oils that remind me of Indian culture with my favorite, cardamom and coriander, called Bliss. This is a very happy fragrance indeed.

I want to leave you with an quote from Buddha...Be Ye Lights Unto Yourselves.  Shine bright this week, bust through illusion, self doubt, and move toward your true freedom! Namaste  Kristena

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gratitude in Aspen

How is your autumn coming along? The season of harvest, to prepare for winter, the moon's thus far, the colors, the amazing colors!

As I embrace the colder and shorter days, healing my wounds, accepting what is, and engaging with my future self, I spend time breathing the fresh mountain air and taking in the colors surrounding me.
This week as I jumped in my vehicle to head to town, I noticed the cherry and lilac tree lost all the leaves overnight.  Sure sign of change!
However the Aspens (same family as Cottonwood, Populus spp.), are still holding on, with such showy display, it is humbling.

Why are the Aspen leaves holding on? The Cottonwoods are bare. Just the way my mind works, I guess.
So beautiful and enticing, as the red leaves surrounding the Aspens have dropped away, to blow in the autumn breezes coming across the valley. The Aspen stands tall and spectacular.

I made a soap to communicate what I see around my cabin. Called Aspen Grove. Listed at Dreamseeds @ HC   and  Dreamseeds @ Etsy. The aroma of bergamot, orange, lemon, geranium, lily, rose, patchoui, vetiver, tonka bean.
I find myself, when struggling with my personal growth, habits, needs, wants, pain, protection, finances, bills, missing my family and hurting for my family that is hurting, that often what can get me back to center is looking at the beauty of WHAT IS-RIGHT NOW.
Beholding the Aspen trees and the Conifers that remain green all year and smell delightful give me a sense of happiness.
The last birds flying through, dipping into the Evergreens on occasion, or the geese taking a practice run to bust a move before the snow starts flying.
Enjoying my son's being themselves. Sitting by the creek with my dear friend, talking life and plants and noticing the energy around us. Simple acts can melt the worry, anxiety, or pain into HOPE and FAITH.

I am currently working toward manifesting 2 airline tickets for my youngest children to come out on their school break. Logically, this is impossible. I can become discouraged when I see the truth of my reality at times financially.
However, I have experienced incredible things in my life, miraculous even.
The mystery of life itself, sparks my heart to live, to beleive in the good things I and my loved ones deserve, and brings courage to my heart to keep on. 
The Aspen's holding onto their leaves while the other trees have released theirs says, HOLD FAST, let love and truth eminate from my luminous field, and my heart to accept ALL WILL BE OK.
It always is, right, somehow.....

The beauty of nature can lead us from discouragement and sadness, into peace and a recommitment to ourselves.

I wish you a fabulous week ahead.  Namaste, Kristena

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Whippin out something tasty with wild berries

This turned out amazing!

Keeping in mind, we live in a humble cabin with a very small interior, and having relocated a year ago, I do what I can to get by. I have been blessed with that gift and I am so grateful to have it.

Wanting to make my sons something delicious, I sauteed some apples and ginger and got to thinking about where to go from there.

Grabbing my only cake pan (square) I unrolled a pie crust I had, added the sauteed apples, a peach that needed to be eaten, huckleberries from wild gathering this summer, and mahonia berries I had just harvested on a walk with a friend.

Mahonia berries (oregon grape root berries) are an interesting flavor. I absolutely love them and ate handfuls on our walk. This was the first time I had ever cooked with the sour berries.
                                             (Mahonia Berries, Uva Ursi, and Rosehips)

To the family delight, we were blessed with something healthy, wild, and delicious.

I poured a small amount of brown rice syrup over the fruit, added pats of butter also, placed a top layer of crust over all of it, pinching the sides together, placed more pats of butter on top of the crust, and cut a few holes to allow the steam to escape.

I continued about my chores, so not sure how long it took to finish cooking. I would assume the same as a pie. I did cover with foil half way through cooking to ensure the crust did not burn. The last few minutes of cooking I sprinkled a wee bit of sugar and coconut on top.

We devoured this within a day.

Sharing with you so that you too can get creative with your wild fruits. Feel free to share what you love to make with them.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

The lie of NOT ENOUGH

This has been the theme through my life and brought to reality the past couple weeks.

Your not enough.
Your not good enough
You dont have enough
You did not pay enough
You dont live close enough
You...blah blah blah

Despite my own personal knowing inside of many things, trying to explain it to the outside world where help may be obtained, or assistance, YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH came slamming me in my face and heart....again.

Many of us have been through Shame. Pain. Deception. Betrayal. All those negative experiences you have had yourself.
And the message that always comes back from those experiences is that we are in some way flawed, bad or not worth much.

It sucks, no?

I am on a personal social media break and in between orders and my work, I am also doing this finance course to enlighten women that have walked my path. It is rather depressing to be honest, but none the less I am doing it:) It too says not enough, yet it offers strategies in the midst of financial issues.

I take the time in between my busy times, to assess the messages coming at me.

Who is determining that?  What is the logical reason? Is this conferred by personal belief and religious standards, or truth? Things like that.

What I have been uncovering is that I am enough.

My worth is more than anyone can measure. I know what I have experienced. I know where my heart is. My spiritual life too is not for anyone to judge, although they will, but it is mine.

I think, especially women, minorities, homosexuals, and even children have to really get to the core of who we are, and despite the judgements of society, understand ourselves.
It used to be cool for men to hate gay men, so much, hurting them was totally considered appropriate.
This is also the unsaid feeling in many religious communities, though laws are keeping the vocality of it quiet, yet it is still there.
Not all that long ago, blacks were completely separate as if they were not people at all.
Persistance, and brave people continued on, and like him or not, The US has been under the leadership of a black president due to perseverance of the not enoughs.

The truth is I AM ENOUGH. In this moment, I AM.

One of the 4 Agreements is Always Do Your Best.

I love that and when I look at my life, no matter what has happened, even in my worst mistakes, in my ignorance or in knowledge I have done the best I could in the situation or condition I was in.

My heart confirms this.

Right now, brother or sister in this species we call Human, if you are struggling with your own value or self worth, or if you find blocks in your path due to not "enough", don't attach to whatever negative message is coming at you.
Look within, work on your own personal growth, yes, without denial, and also remember, if you do your very best in whatever situation you are in, you are enough, and those negative messages are lies.


Sunday, September 7, 2014

Flower Water

For most of us we have known of Flower Essences  with reputed qualities to subtly assist emotional energy.

Flower Essences are typically solar or lunar infused perfect flowers that are kept preserved in brandy and taken in 3-7 drops average a few times a day to assist an emotional challenge or block to be worked through and clear.

What I am sharing today can work in the same manner if one's intention was to do so.

I love this for the life energy and delicious essence it brings to my body. Lovely floral notes dance on the palate and create a wonderful experience in the simple act of drinking water.

To make a Flower Water, start with fresh water in a clean vessel. I use clean jars.

Go out into your yard, garden, forest, or a field and gather the flowers that speak to you.

ALWAYS BE CERTAIN WHAT YOU HARVEST IS NON TOXIC. Proper identification is essential-consult a field guide or research online.

Of course that had to be said.

Allow your flowers to free float on top of the water and steep. This can be done in the sun, moon, or in the fridge. After a few hours strain and drink.

With the Full Harvest Moon being a Supermoon,  tomorrow night may be a creative night to make Flower Water, or 3 or 4:)

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Protecting Ourselves as Sensitives

It is ironic to me that some of the most powerful people I know in terms of healing, also have major battles on their hands with themselves.

I walk this road myself.

I am a cancer survivor, and through the course of treatment on top of having birthed 7 children, I have carried in my body some nerve damage and fibromyalgia.

I observe that when pressed upon by the outside world, I can often fall into a terrible flare up.

And I bring this forth, so that we can all be aware of this in our own lives.

I carry a personal loss much like being thrown in to a dark pit, with everything taken away, no support and had to pull out of that alone while experiencing betrayal and a type of religious control that will alter me forever. With a pain of a hole blown through my soul that each day requires me to continually move forward in each healing step of the path of process.

I think often of intuitives, sensitives, empaths and healing artisans have often have suffered great degrees of pain, which in turn offers compassion to humanity at large. We get it. We survived it. Our gifts often got us through. We often feel so deeply for people, that we can be crushed under by the demands

What I notice lately that is literally breaking my heart, is that there is a huge selfishness and demands on others that has really accelerated lately, along with people that do not follow up their word. I have been quietly observing the world around me and I have my own personal encounters as well as what I am seeing around me.

And sensitives feel this. And it can bring havoc to our bodies.

Our culture is so growing to a people that get what they want with immediate gratification. When things happen in life that alter that immediacy, it ripples dissatisfaction even in the air.

I can remember traveling a long journey through blizzard to get to a safe place for my son and I. I was accepted into an abuse shelter to begin my healing from what had just occurred. In that time, I was asked to make things for people, and when I responded that I was staying at a shelter and needed time for healing myself, the response what dissatisfaction.
I was asked also in that time to apprentice some in herbology. When I explained my current situation, the response was so negative. Lately, some issues have arisen due to my lack of response time on of all things Facebook.
I have had several people write wanting to know what they can take to cure an ailment without providing sufficient information for a response that will help.

Since I do not have internet at my cabin, it sometimes takes 2 days to respond. Surprisingly, people can assume many things untrue do to a sometimes 2 day wait on a response. Which creates more emotional tension when accusations fly... which can often cause a flare up.

So to those of us that deal with people, to do our best to help, here is what I have to say.

What is needed for your personal balance? Make that a priority.

This may take some time for quiet, alone, to determine what your needs are. And make them your own personal mission statement.

I will share an example I recently decided on to give you a hint at the type of things that you may want to consider.

I trade and sell to local friends. I also live 8 miles out of town. Often times there can be issues getting products to people do to my own personal schedule, which consists of a night job, and taking my child and picking him up from 2 jobs. I cannot always meet people in town on their schedule.

So what I decided to help myself, is that people will need to either come to my cabin to pick up their product, or arrange a time to come to town when I am there, and I can bring their order with me.
We can also meet together for tea and a visit on my day off.

I found it was so much harder on me to get a last minute request for me to drive in to meet someone, when I may have just arrived back home to get ready for work, to turn around to drive back for that, still make it to work on time, and have time to get ready for work.

And, despite my huge empathic heart, if someone wants something of me, and there is not an equal energy exchange of some type, then the relationship may not be healthy in my life.

This may mean, the work a person needs to do for their personal healing needs to be done for me to continue serving.
An extra fee may be charged for a specialty item. And at least kindness and appreciation reciprocated for the free advice that I have often given when asked about certain herbal things.
I shy away from that more and more because of the lack of appreciation, follow through, or paying the kindness forward.

The reason being, I have a life too. I am healing too. I have emotional wounds and I too need support and care.
Remember, all things need balance.  And that means you need balance as well. You are important and your gifts are to be valued.

How is your work schedule?
At one point in my life I was often at the computer selling things constantly, which was a blessing in keeping me home with my children and paying the bills.
However, being available selling my work or giving service almost immediately, kept me from the fun I also needed to keep my life in balance.

I remember when I owned my consignment store, in the beginning I was open 12-14 hours a day since I was remodeling and had to be there anyway. I would go home to run my other business and rarely slept, had the emotional and mental weight of both businesses, and my health eventually came crashing hard.

So what I learned from all that was that I need hours to establish my work time.

I have an hour each day to meet Dreamseeds client needs. I do this by breaking up what needs done in small increments. If a 200 bar order needs to be delivered in 3 weeks, I then assure, I wrap 10 bars of soap each day along with the other things I must do for this business, so I avoid the emotional pressure that would occur if I procrastinate. A little bit each day gets the job done with greater joy than trying to accomplish it all at once.

I also have been doing a new thing each week. I choose one of my days off as a holy day. I take time to rest as long as I need. To enjoy my garden. To watch the birds. To leave the house if I choose, or not. To unplug from social media and email for the entire day. I may go harvest huckleberries or herbs in the forest, since my spirit tends to connect and strengthen in those times. I do my best on that one day, not to rush around trying to get everything done. I spend time doing my weekly personal reading, my spiritual pursuits, and reading books. Taking a walk with my friend. I do what nurtures my soul that one day to strengthen me for the rest of my week. I am finding it really helps.

Do your best, and this is hard for sensitives, to shield yourself from taking on other peoples emotions.
It is common for people to be drawn to us, and easily pour out.
Be clear how much you can handle and also be sure that you do not become a dump station.

This is the realm of professional counselors which are trained  and paid for getting dumped on and how to set boundaries so they are not consumed by peoples problems.
We may need to guide people in that direction.
We may also need it ourselves.

I have a personal counselor. This is part of my weekly self care.
It is wonderful to share what I have gone through in the safety of an office, where legal boundaries will not allow my safety to be compromised. Where I am not shamed for what I have experienced and serious problem solving and accountability can evolve in the relationship.
BE Wary of where you put your trust.
Also, we all hope to have friends we can share all of ourselves with.
However, I must say, some of our friends may not have experienced some of the pain and horrors, others of us have endured. Oftentimes, it is best to leave our friendships for fun and our talk therapy for our therapists.
This maintains good balance in our relationships as some things are so heart wrenching to work through, our friends feel helpless to assist us. Part of the fun and joy in our lives is to strengthen the bonds of our beloved.

Fun.... Remember that we all have an inner child. All of us. Creativity and play time is essential for the human spirit.

Continue learning how to help yourself. Whether it be to assist the illness you battle, how to tune up your vehicle, or build upon your current skills.

GIVE BACK- We all have been touched by something in our lives, that create causes we would like to help.
When some of us are financially transitioning,  and cannot give money, we may have time to offer. We may be able to use our voice to speak up for the cause we support. We may also only have time for prayer.
When we are able to give to what appreciates our gifts, and meets our needs inside of growing a cause that we support, we feel good inside.
I recently gave 10 inches to Locks of Love. I did not have money to give, however I could still give of myself in some way.

Protect your gifts. One thing I have discovered is that some people will trample your gifts. Use them wisely.

I once had shared something that happened that was simply magical (a tumor had shrunk in a friend by distant healing) and this woman told me I was under the attack of the devil.
From that point on it was hell. :)

Treat yourself well ALWAYS.

 Be TRUE to yourself and your calling Always.

Maintain Boundaries to protect your life and do your best to maintain your boundaries consistently.
Your happiness, your health, and your time depends upon it. Namaste

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Creating Vision Boards, Manifestation Boards and Goal Setting

Vision boards have been very empowering for many people that make them for their lives.

Vision Boards are a creative and physical representation of  Dreams, Desires, Hopes and Delights too assist in Goal Setting and Action.

I began mine the last few weeks of my Career Class and it was a simple process of pouring through magazines and cutting out pictures that appealed to those things we would want in our lives.

This creative project I believe became popular when The Secret movie came out.

Not to get caught up in Name it Claim it or wallow in self doubt when things don't work out like a fairy tale.

YET,  unless we put out there what we want, our desires and dreams can get stifled inside.

Many times, we are not even sure what our dreams are, nor what goals we can achieve without something to look toward.

Creating a Vision Board allows us to get out of ourselves, some of the things we wish to achieve in this life.
A true expression of ourselves.

How to make a Board

Recycle cardboard, buy a piece of posterboard, or use construction paper as your medium.

Search the internet for things you have dreamed of such as a house, a pet, true love, instruments you would like to play, things you would love to do, or what you enjoy that you currently do, print the pictures, cut them out and glue to your medium. Pinterest is an awesome place for some great pictures of things you like.
In fact Pinterest could be one of your online vision boards...and I just came up with my next vision board, I will make one on Pinterest:).

Cut magazine pictures, words and statements and affix this to your medium.

Let your Vision Board speak of your soul, who you are.......

Your Dreams, not your partners, parents, spiritual guru's, boss, best get it

I also encourage my friends to have one wall in your home (bedrooms are great for this) where you can hang up things like your vision board to keep your goals in sight.

Here is the beginning of mine....Friends, a home, mountains, spiritual practice, continuing my healing education, love, my family, are some of the things so far I have found to speak my soul in magazines.
2 of my friends families were in a magazine and that was cool.

Be Who You Are-Represent your Deepest Dreams