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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Natural Cleaning with Hydrogen Peroxide

First off, thank you for the kindness you all have shown our family after losing my son Joey, this summer. We are taking a much needed healing and grief break for awhile.
Yet I discovered an awesome natural cleaning method this past week.

Landlords were coming to fix something on our shower that is not working.
I typically keep up pretty well on cleaning around the house, but when a person is putting their hands into your dirty stuff, I attempt to get it clean for them.
I do this when I get reflexology, doctor appointments, guests coming to the get the drift.
It is a respect thing. In my job of cleaning up after others nastiness, I attempt to avoid people cleaning up mine.

I ran out of my standby of baking soda and EO combo. What to do, what to do.

I have peroxide for cuts and vegetable washes (add 1/4 cup or so to your sink of produce), so tried it for my shower.

Peroxide does not have scrubbing action however, so I sprinkled sea salt on my wet brush and scrubbed.

To my surprise and delight, my white tub bottom, even in the ridges to keep people from slipping was clean. The soap residue was scrubbed off by the salt and the surface was shiny clean by the peroxide with disinfecting at the same time.

Try it and see how it works for your household.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Salt Scrub Recipe

Herbal inspiration flowed through my mind yesterday on my day off, as the plants slowly inch their way up with the rain and warm mountain spring days.

I wanted to share a recipe as my gift to you for Mother's Day. This is typically a joyful day, where mom gets a break and something special, however it can represent loss and pain for some.

So everyone, male, female, mom's, dad's, can indulge in this super easy way to exfoliate the skin, removing dirt, and old skin cells, for vibrant skin.

The recipe is more of an idea and the ingredients are approximate measures.
I kinda of make by intuition so I will do the best I can with the amounts.

You will need the first 2 ingredients, and if that is all you have, that is all you need.

Salt  about 1 cup
Oil of choice ( I used jojoba, but any oil will work)  about 2/3 cup

For additional skin care, you can add the following:

Ground organic botanicals (roses, calendula, rosemary, oats)
Rhassoul Clay
Essential Oils

Start with Pure Salt.
This is Course Dead Sea Salt. If using a course salt, it will need to be ground down into the consistency of table salt with a coffee grinder or blender.

Next step is to add the oil and any additional ingredients if you choose.
For this salt scrub I added  about a Tablespoon of organic calendula petals, organic oats, organic lavender all ground together,  and about a Tablespoon Rhassoul Clay.

Stir then add about 2/3 cup of the oil you choose to use or have around. I used organic jojoba oil.
I then added about 3 drops of Tagates essential oil which is similar to Calendula, about 5 drops of Italian Lavender essential oil and 2 drops Peppermint essential oil.
I was in the mood for a wee bit of stimulation.

Stir then add about 2/3 cup of the oil you choose to use or have around. I used organic jojoba oil.

One word of caution about oil is that some oils may cause the bath/shower to be slippery.

In my bath products, I use the least amount of oil in them, so that I can enjoy my special indulgence without scrubbing the tub afterword.
So start with a little and keep adding as needed until the scrub holds together.

I then added about 3 drops of Tagates essential oil which is similar to Calendula, about 5 drops of Italian Lavender essential oil and 2 drops Peppermint essential oil.
I was in the mood for a wee bit of stimulation.

Step into the shower, wet the body, then turn off the water.
Scoop the scrub into your hands and smooth all over the body, taking time to really enjoy the scrubbing sensation of each section of your body you are working on.

Rinse after application and step out with smooth wonderful feeling skin.

Use caution around sensitive areas (genitals especially) and any open cuts as salt can sting.

For those of you that have sensitive skin, salt may be too intense, so try this recipe with sugar instead.

This is a simple way to pamper yourself today.

Have a good week.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Rosemary, an amazing medicinal and culinary herb

Rosemary has been touted as part of the 4 thieves story. This story has many versions so I wont tell it, but can share a recipe that goes along with whatever story you may run into which basically states that the thieves never succumbed to the black plague due to the plants used.

Original Recipe for Four Thieves Formula 
3 pints white wine vinegar 
handful wormwood 
handful meadowsweet 
handful juniper berries 
handful wild marjoram 
handful sage 
50 cloves 
2 oz. elecampane root 
2 oz. angelica 
2 oz. rosemary 
2 oz. horehound 
3 g camphor

Lice-YUCK we mothers HATE THE WORD and any of us that have dealt with severe cases know how disturbing they are.
One of my daughters had lice so bad and continued to be reinfested for months that we cut off all her long hair into a military cut. 
This finally eradicated the little buggers since we could actually see what was going on with my dear Rachie. She was glad they were gone so the haircut was not too sensitive of an issue int hat time of her life. However, once we heard about the lice outbreak, we may have been able to ward it off with rosemary oil massaged into the scalp or dried ground herbs dusted and brushed through. This is preventative, not a cure. But good to know now.
And speaking of head and hair, rosemary promotes healthy follicles of the hair, may prevent hair loss and dandruff. Usually a good strong infusion is applied over the scalp and hair while catching the liquid in a large container so you can continue reusing over and over for several minutes.

Gail Faith Edwards writes in her book, Opening our Wild Hearts to the Healing Herbs, that the old saying goes,"where rosemary flourishes, there a strong woman rules."
 I use rosemary in a few of my best selling products.

Protect, which is an antibacterial soap made with raw virgin coconut, family farmed palm (full of vitamin a and d and creates a beautiful orange red color), organic shea butter fairly traded, Olive oil, sunflower and avocado oils too,  saponified with carrot juice and purified water. Rosemary, eucalyptus, clove, cinnamon and citrus of lemon and orange.
Dreamseeds @ Etsy

Rosemary seems to love dry, arid weather. In my home town Las Vegas, it thrives in the yards of my family. I have noticed quite a variation of aroma's in different types of rosemary essential oils. Rosemary Verbenone is the more expensive type. Clean and more refined. Some have high camphor constituents which does effect the scent and medicinal action a bit.

Another favorite use of rosemary is to crush fresh rosemary sprigs, boil a minute in water on the stove, then pour into a bowl on a table you are comfortable sitting at. Grab a towel, place over your head, and inhale the steamed water. This is an excellent way to ease congestion in the lungs and/or steam the pores of the face to cleanse.

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Dare to be Different~BE WHO YOU ARE

Yes, you.
No need for shame, for blame.

Life happens, and we grow and learn through every experience we go through.

The paradigms are shifting toward being whole and unencumbered to present our gifts to the world, whether large or small.

For women, the reality of financial independence is finally accepted. Which is good news really.

How many women have sacrificed their lives for their partners, to realize when the shit hits the fan, the effort they spent giving over their lives to another, left very little assets, dreams, money or esteem. Left in poverty without a clue as to who she is and what she wants to do.

Men have to succumb to their value and worth being on what they have, how much money he makes, and how the family behaves and is cared for.

These old roles do not serve us very well anymore.

Granted, being a mom is in my core. I love being home with my children, caring for the home, working from home, and devoting my life to the Fam.
However, when all that was taken from me, I wavered like grass in the wind. I did not have a clue to the depths of who I am, what I truly needed and wanted, and what it would take to get to the next level.
All of me had been devoted to others, and I walked away with nothing.

Enter into the real, investments, wardrobe...ack! So off my radar. I had/have much to learn.

I realized quickly that this world, being so foreign, can still be made into my own, so to speak.

I heard a guest speaker once say a phrase that has stuck with me ever since she said it. I don't remember word for word, but the jist of it is to be serious about WHY we do things we do, or make choices for our lives.

And my core, I don't think will ever change, I find myself still wanting what is best for my children and grandchildren, on so many of my WHY contemplations.

Also, wanting to help shape the world to be a good place, a place we all have peace and harmony. My metron being on my job, making products, writing as I pick up on my own, and others struggles.
There is HOPE. I am certain of that.
And the best way I find to walk in that hope is being true to who we are, in the midst of unusual and differing circumstances.
Finding our core, and walking in that is our TRUTH.
That is where our JOY is. Where our POWER is.
My happiness comes from being true to myself, and it took me such a long time to get to that space of freedom.
I work 2 jobs and work very hard. Educate my self daily on those important facts of life that are new to me (such as finance or career education), I take one day off per week as a sacred day. No obligations or errands if I can avoid them. If I want to curl up and read all day, I do and it feels so refreshing to set one day aside for nothing but resting and preparing for the next week ahead.
I may bust through my house cleaning, making soap, or cooking for the week if I choose, however if I do not, it is all ok. I now look to my own needs for rest and destressing once a week.

How bout you? WHY do I even mention this?
I bring this up since so many people still sacrifice for others, to their own detriment.

Sadly, we often do not realize what a bad place we have dug ourselves into until something major happens. We go through a health struggle,  we are left homeless, our partnership ends, and so on.

Picking up the pieces after a major hardship sucks! And often leaves us with a hole in our soul and very little direction to move forward.

Think of this. If you buy a $4 coffee 5 days per week, this is $20 per week in coffee.
Now say you make $10 an hour on your job (using an easy figure for this).

In truth, you have to work 2 hours to buy those coffees each week.  Are those coffee's worth 2 hours of your week to obtain? Do you sip and enjoy them, or guzzle them down as you rush around to get everything done?
 How about your rent? It takes me 62 hours per month to earn enough to pay my rent.

Seeing our energy and what needs to be done for our lives, makes it very important to be true to ourselves.

I sit on my down time today, courderoy knee skirt, tights, boots, work shirt, and a heart clip in my hair. I feel comfortable, therefore, I am able to treat others around me much better as I am in my element of comfort. I certainly do not look like a career woman in my garb, I am myself, and it helps me perform from my heart when I am closest to my own core self.

So this week, as we unfold into December (where has the year gone, OMG!) it is easy to blow money through the chaos of Christmas.  So before we get lost in the social shopping norm this month, look at your money as yourself and the energy it takes ourselves to make what we are spending. This can help us not to leave ourselves in bad shape through a time that should be joyful.

You are your energy, your money, your emotions. You are part of the good of the planet. Be who YOU and set yourself up for success and good things, whatever that means to you.
Happy rest of the year to us all. May we evolve peacefully into the new. Namaste

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Reduce~Reuse~Recycle Wintertime Craft Project

My beloved mountain community moved into heavy snowfall and sub zero temperatures this week, causing the migrating birds to bust a move rapidly.
There are a few brave feathered friends that can tolerate the intense winters here, and this craft project I want to share with you for winter feeding of the birds.
I am so blessed at the joy I feel within, despite such challenges and intense emotions the past couple years.
To feel part of the world around me, deepens my happiness and delights my heart.
I share this project since it is very easy to do, and offer it to you with the hope it brings pleasure to you and your loved ones.
It is a very easy craft taking only a few minutes to make and clean up is a breeze.

This project consists of empty toilet paper or paper towel rolls, peanut butter, bird seed, string, raffia, or ribbon, and a hole punch (if you have one)

Take your toilet paper rolls and make a hole on 2 sides toward on end of the roll.
String through your ribbon and tie together, making a sturdy support for hanging.

Spoon peanut butter onto a plate.
Scoop birdseed onto the other half of your plate or onto a separate plate.

Cover your paper roll with peanut butter. I like to roll my tube around in the peanut butter, then into the seed.

Once the tube is completely covered in peanut butter and bird seed, set the tube upright to airdry briefly. A few hours or 1 day seems great.
The purpose is to ensure it binds to the tube well and does not slide off when you hang it for the birds.

Hang when ready.

Within moments of hanging 2 feeders up, a family was in the pines having a feast! 
I had hung my newly made feeders and had not taken down the I made before as seen in the pictures. They still came back to the old one to get every bit of seed they could. 
I hope you and your loved ones enjoy this craft together to help nature this winter. Feel free to share your own bird feeding creation with me too. I would love other ideas to repurpose common things, especially when it brings life before my eyes.
Taking a break in quiet observance is a blessing with a tight workload this season, giving time for deep breaths, reflection, and peace.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week. Namaste~ Kristena Haslam

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Wonderful Book! Sleepwalkers Guide To Dancing

I believe it is this authors first novel. A Sleepwalkers Guide To Dancing contains the craziness of an immigrated family life, emotions galore, and easy reading as well.

One of the things I was fascinated by this book was all the Indian food that this family cooked, piquing my interest so much, I checked out an Indian cooking book at the Teton County Library. where I also checked this book out sitting there, wanting me to check it out.

This was a wonderful reprieve to the 5 Science Fiction books I have poured through the past 2 months.

No real herbal lore here, but the food's may intrigue you as well as the storyline. Please share if you read it and like it.

Also, for my body butter fans, I have a few listed at Dreamseeds @ HC  and Dreamseeds@Etsy
including on with a few essential oils that remind me of Indian culture with my favorite, cardamom and coriander, called Bliss. This is a very happy fragrance indeed.

I want to leave you with an quote from Buddha...Be Ye Lights Unto Yourselves.  Shine bright this week, bust through illusion, self doubt, and move toward your true freedom! Namaste  Kristena

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Gratitude in Aspen

How is your autumn coming along? The season of harvest, to prepare for winter, the moon's thus far, the colors, the amazing colors!

As I embrace the colder and shorter days, healing my wounds, accepting what is, and engaging with my future self, I spend time breathing the fresh mountain air and taking in the colors surrounding me.
This week as I jumped in my vehicle to head to town, I noticed the cherry and lilac tree lost all the leaves overnight.  Sure sign of change!
However the Aspens (same family as Cottonwood, Populus spp.), are still holding on, with such showy display, it is humbling.

Why are the Aspen leaves holding on? The Cottonwoods are bare. Just the way my mind works, I guess.
So beautiful and enticing, as the red leaves surrounding the Aspens have dropped away, to blow in the autumn breezes coming across the valley. The Aspen stands tall and spectacular.

I made a soap to communicate what I see around my cabin. Called Aspen Grove. Listed at Dreamseeds @ HC   and  Dreamseeds @ Etsy. The aroma of bergamot, orange, lemon, geranium, lily, rose, patchoui, vetiver, tonka bean.
I find myself, when struggling with my personal growth, habits, needs, wants, pain, protection, finances, bills, missing my family and hurting for my family that is hurting, that often what can get me back to center is looking at the beauty of WHAT IS-RIGHT NOW.
Beholding the Aspen trees and the Conifers that remain green all year and smell delightful give me a sense of happiness.
The last birds flying through, dipping into the Evergreens on occasion, or the geese taking a practice run to bust a move before the snow starts flying.
Enjoying my son's being themselves. Sitting by the creek with my dear friend, talking life and plants and noticing the energy around us. Simple acts can melt the worry, anxiety, or pain into HOPE and FAITH.

I am currently working toward manifesting 2 airline tickets for my youngest children to come out on their school break. Logically, this is impossible. I can become discouraged when I see the truth of my reality at times financially.
However, I have experienced incredible things in my life, miraculous even.
The mystery of life itself, sparks my heart to live, to beleive in the good things I and my loved ones deserve, and brings courage to my heart to keep on. 
The Aspen's holding onto their leaves while the other trees have released theirs says, HOLD FAST, let love and truth eminate from my luminous field, and my heart to accept ALL WILL BE OK.
It always is, right, somehow.....

The beauty of nature can lead us from discouragement and sadness, into peace and a recommitment to ourselves.

I wish you a fabulous week ahead.  Namaste, Kristena