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Monday, May 11, 2009

My heart bows to the power

In what has been a very trying month as well as a needed break for one of my children who has been dealing with a bully, we set out to Signal Mountain Lodge in Grand Teton National Park for Mothers Day weekend.

It was a hard decision, as ladies full moon gathering was happenin as well as it would take every bit of money I had to do the trip. But, in looking at my sons's struggle, I knew he needed nature as much as I to sort through the clouds in the mind.

So in haste, after picking Olivia up from her class, we ran to the grocery and packed the car for our journey.
We checked in to our cabin, a place without even a TV. I love the fact that I had to unplug from usual life!

The decor was traditional wood and leather furnishings-I so love these chairs!

I had not grabbed any ice for our groceries thinking maybe there was snow around still, and sure enough, Jackson lake was still iced over. So I grabbed my little shovel I keep in the car for plant harvesting and filled the cooler. This stayed solid for the next 2 days!

We had delightful and reasonably priced meals at the Trapper restaurant, one of the eateries on the lake.
This lodge is a green business, and I love the way they run this place with ecology and sustainability as the key factor in business.
If you ever eat at the Trapper, ask for Patrick as a server. What a delightful time we had with him. His positive energy and good nature toward the children was pleasant company for a family that had felt a bit beat up by life lately.
As a matter of fact, every service personel in this restaurant was so awesome!
I plan to take dinner trips out there when we feel the need to go out to eat simply because everyone was so awesome! The food, very good and portions...well, you don't leave hungry, we will put it that way.
The lake, was so soothing, however with children running about, the full peaceful centering that one would normally recieve from such sacred space, could not be taken in to its fullness without me breaking up an argument or scooping up a little one with a banged leg.
We decided to go to Yellowstone, a place I feel called to minister to and pray for. Very much noticed, the energy at Yellowstone is intense, and can stir up things inside that you might tend to ignore.
It is very hard to explain what I just said, but I found I struggled within.

We drove out to Old Faithful and walked about the geysers for awhile

This took much of the day to drive and explore, and there was some crankiness with the kids so we drove back to the cabin to chill before dinner.
Arriving back near the Tetons was soothing and calming, yet powerful.
A little time to lay around, then back to the Trapper for a huge mountain of Nacho's and a couple of OB1 local brews for me.
Patrick was our server again and we had a great time.
After our meal, the children and I went back to the lodge to play yahtzee

On Mother's Day. we decided after check out and a nice walk, we would head to Moose Falls to check it out and maybe take a dip if the water was warm enough.
The water was still pretty cool, but relaxing to be near intense waterfall that mellowed out into a flowing river with huge rocks and pine trees all around.
There was some discord with the boys and with that, I decided to go Home Sweet Home.

The view from my bedroom window is so centering and grounding, aiding in those times when difficulties arise. I bow my heart to you. Despite how wonderful it is to get away, there is nothing greater than coming back home to Jackson.

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