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Monday, April 26, 2010

Opening the Pineal Gland

The pineal gland, I believe is far more important that we realize.Lately information has been coming my way to insist I need to know about this gland.
And what I know now, cannot ever be erased from my memory, and felt to share this on my blog.

The Pineal is part of the endocrine system. It is located in the center of our brain and IS OUR THIRD EYE. You know how you can envision things in your mind? This could very well be the pineal gland at work as it has many parts much like our eyes themselves.

The pineal is shaped like a pinecone (hence the name) and is small like a raisin.

It's physical function is to produce melatonin. I work in a health food store and I cannot even begin to explain how many people need melatonin in supplement form.
And I will explain why this has occurred in a moment.

Susun Weed, herbalist has stated to sleep without electric clocks and any lights and all to set our circadian rhythm for sleep and total health. Well, in truth our circadian rhythm will be off simply because our pineal is sensitive to the light. But there is far more about the pineal than this.
From a mystical point of view, the pineal glad is that part of us that reaches to the spiritual realms, and some would say that it is our God self or that part that can give and receive messages to the divine.
In fact, if you have seen symbols and statues of former cultures, you will see pinecones represented in many of these symbolic features. And the third eye(mostly shown between the brows) being highlighted for importance.

It is said that by age 12, the pineal glad is calcified in modern humans. What is suspected is processed foods and excess fluoride that causes this to happen. BY AGE 12!!! My gosh. If the pineal glad information is true on a spiritual level, then young people lose a part of their spiritual selves that should be functioning stronger than it is. And the physical part is sleep disturbance function.
I truly rarely see young people struggle with sleep, but I do see many adults that do.
Of course some of this is our caffeine generation and what appears to be excess stress and worry, along with keeping the tv on at night to induce sleep.

I want to briefly share a couple of very simple things we can do to open our third eye.

Sandalwood essential oil is considered supreme in assisting the pineal. I often rub sandalwood oil on the back of my neck, and often use blends of essential oils with sandalwood in it to help me on all levels, including my connection to the divine.
Before I do a reading for someone, I like to use it as well so that I might clearly read the cards I am working with for another person (or myself for that matter)

Sandalwood is very expensive and an the best Sandal is from the Mysore region, where is it endangered.It takes 20+ years for the sandal to be mature enough for essential oil and most is harvested at 30 years for best oils. However the entire tree is usually uprooted, leaving a huge gap in time before sandal is mature enough to harvest again. Sandalwood is now grown all over the world to cope with the mismanagement of the industry, so you can find one more suitable from Australia if you have concern over eco issues. I like to use a blend of Mysore and Australian for my work, and lately all I have is Mysore so that is what I am using currently. I feel either sandal will help your pineal gland opening, Mysore being more potent.

The other thing you can do is use an amethyst crystal. Crystal lore has been stating this for as long as I have dabbled into learning it. I shared this with a woman going through a hard issue in her life, and she stated, no wonder I was directed this week to carry my amethyst with me as she really needed to stay close to her divine.

I like to relax on a bed, and put the amethyst onto my third eye area on the forehead.
If you like interesting experiences, this will be fun for you.
It takes several minutes before I can feel much with the crystal I have (which is a raw amethyst) but in 5 minutes or so, this amazing energy runs through my head like you cannot imagine!!!
In fact, many crystals I have do not express much energy on my third eye, save amethyst and rose quartz. I have to admit, I love the rush!
Its legal:)
And if I am opening up a part of myself that I want to reach the highest potential possible, what a fun way to do so.
There are yoga poses and other things some folks feel will help as well, so if yoga is your thing, you may want to look into that.
Herbally, I have not found much research on this as of yet, but if I am suppose to know this, I am sure I will and will share. In truth, the endocrine system needs to be balanced and if one is off, it seems to set everything askew.

So I offer this tidbit today. In my life lately, I have been with so many people that have been going through incredible difficult times, spread so thin they feel they are about to break, and emotionally swimming in a current that seems more powerful than they are. I am hoping this little blogpost might help some of you in the same boat. And if you are not, looking into this for yourself might be extremely useful for supporting your higher self.

If indeed the pineal is effected by poor food choices and fluoride, than we can take these steps nutritionally to help our body.
Of course, my kids feel this is important, then my tween son comes home from a friends house with a bag of Doritos and a basket of candy. We can only do our best.

I keep a clay pot with 8 pinecones on my table to represent myself and my 7 children, I also have three in my room for my three grandchildren. I will need to get 2 more this summer when Robyn has her twins.

Here is to our Highest Potential!!!


  1. Beautiful Kristena! We are being called to bring a large amethyst into our home. I've long loved sandalwood oil but have not used it in a long time. It is time to bring it out again.

  2. Wonderful! Thank you so much for this, Kristena. I wish I could hug you. This post really touched me, and comes at exactly the right time. You have inspired me and I, too, will be bringing my sandalwood (and amethyst crystal!) out again.

  3. Very interesting! This explains my love of sandalwood but I may need to seek out an amethyst crystal. I have been taking yoga and have found this to be very important for me right now. Thank you for all you share and do my friend.

  4. Hi Kristena, I'm an energy healer trained by the Healing Trust (formally the NSFH) in the UK. We attune by visualisation and can clarify the energy in each chakra by visualising the coloured light associated with that chakra becoming more bright and clear. The third eye's colour is indigo (hence the amethyst affinity) and relates to intuition and development of spiritual awareness. Here are the herbs I have found which help with the third eye development and nurturing -Cornflower, Chicory, Lesser Celendine, Eyebright, Purslane, Scotch Broom. I hope this is helpful.

  5. sweet list, Sarah! Which makes sense with the color indications.

    Thanks everyone. I have just passionately been pondering this pineal thing for awhile because I want mine open!!! lol
    And I do seem to have good success with crystals on the third eye area..almost like that energy flows through you, which causes a state of prayer it seems.

  6. Fantastic post, very informative. I have recently become aware of the evils of flouridation with respect to the pineal gland and it makes me think that they are deliberately poisoning us to keep us asleep. Is anyone aware if there is any way to counteract the calcification of the pineal, or is it too late once it has solidified???


  7. I've been researching the pineal gland in depth for the last month or so. I found a special type of fish oil supplement that is supposed to decalcify the pineal gland. Its called Skate Liver Oil. I ordered a bottle of it from, Green Pasture Blue Ice is the brand. I've only been taking it for 2 days but I'll let you know how it works.