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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Is your skin feeling like this???

When we relocated to our safe place, I had only a few made and cured bars with me. Many were going places and I was waiting for supplies to make the new lines for the season. We were blessed with some nice looking bars. Dead Sea Mud, another 2 from higher end companies, and we were grateful to have soap while mine cured.
However, I my skin was feeling miserable, even waking me at night, and I was not sure why until I looked at the soap given us. That is exactly how my skin had felt!

 But when I was able to use my bars, I dont even need to moisturize most of the time. They cleanse and condition. Handmade soap retains the glycerin the chemical reaction creates, but is much stronger than glycerin soap and has herbs and oils to work even harder at wrapping your body up in skin healthy vitamins and minerals. They with most of my bars, the aromatherapy part brings in the bliss:)

So I was thinking that the cost of making soap, at least for me, can be pretty steep. But I also dont have to buy other products to fix the dryness and scaly itchy yuck I was going through with store bought soap. So in the long run, I am using a small amount of product to keep my skin as young and pliable as possible without extra things for 6 or 7 dollars. And my soap anyway, gives me aromatherapy delight and can help me after my shower with courage, energy or calm, depending on what it is. So, in the long run. it is way less cost, because when I was using the other soaps above, the ones with cracks, I had to use other things to make my skin calm which never totally worked anyway.
If your skin is struggling through this change of season, try handcrafted soap and see if that rocks your world in a good way. For my and mine, I know, especially after this experience, it works!  And people love getting this as gifts most of the time. I gave a basket to a pastor once, without a thank you and he probably threw them away. But thinking back, he was alot like that cracked, worn out dry soap anyway that lied and manipulated. But 99 percent of other people will appreciate handcrafted soap, especially when it helps their skin troubles and smells so darn good.

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  1. I know for me the cost of making my own versus the time and pain of healing after buying "high end" store bought soap is worth every cent. I am happy to hear I'm not the only one - maybe I'm not crazy!