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Monday, February 10, 2014

Fyre Cyder, Dragons Breath, Kick Ass Tonic

Call this what you'd like. Amazing herbal tonic, sinus reliever, circulation elixir, immune system tonic, digestive warmer, marinade....
At the current time, an herbal company is attempting to trademark the name Fire Cider. The term fire cider has been carried over for a long long time and herbalist Rosemary Gladstar has this in her recipe books as well. This does have the herbal community very upset, as if this trademark is approved, something we have called this elixir for a long time and learned from our teachers is being stolen, in a sense. Many people would have to have their printing companies redo their labels with a new name to avoid legal issues of something there should not be legal issues with anyway. Thanks Shire Company for the chaos.
So, I am going to give you a recipe I love for this and call it what you will. Change the spelling or get creative with it.

The ingredients shown above are divided between 3 different 2 cup mason jars. Each jar has an addition of some other spices to make it even, well, spicier. Pink and White Peppercorns and berries, fresh herbs like oregano, cayenne and thyme. Adapt this to what you like.

1 large onion
3 jalepenos
1 clove garlic
1 grated horseradish root
3 small ginger root grated
1 large lemon with zest and juice
1 pinch of turmeric
Apple cider vinegar covering all the herbs into each jar
Place wax paper over the top when done before sealing so the metal lid does not corrode.

Leave about 3 weeks to steep. Be sure to check on it well the first couple days to be sure the vinegar is covering all the herbs. Then from time to time take a peek and top off as needed.

After 3 weeks or so, strain the mixture, squeezing well all the vinegar out of the herbs.

At this point, many people like to add honey to taste. I add it to one or two of my jars and leave the other unsweetened, as it can be sweetened later if desired.
This is so tasty on steamed greens. Often, people will take this by the spoonful for energy. The only downside to this is very strong garlic smell, so if you are going to be around people that day, keep that in mind. I take mine when I am working alone or at night most often if I will be around people during the day. It is awesome for cold days, for marinading foods, and when one is starting to feel a bit under the weather. Sometimes this is enough to help one bounce back before illness sets in. The horseradish helps to clear sinus cavities that tend to get stuck mucus or hard mucus from heat or exposure to dust.

Make your own and call it what you will. An hour of prep at the most will give you enough so that you are set for the winter. I often trade this for services and gift give as well, since it is made with love to those that don't have much time to cook and prepare something like this. Enjoy...Namaste

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  1. sounds like something I need right now. persistant cough. changing weather not helping.