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Friday, August 8, 2014

Sacred Spaces

Each of us needs THAT place. Where we can relax, pray, meditate, eat, exercise....whatever it is that nourishes...we need that space.

I have a place in the Bridger Teton forest which is my sacred space, and super excited that next week I am going there to see how life has unfolded in that precious spot.

With the demands this year, I have not had time to go.

Typically, my home is my sacred spot. It is what I look forward to returning too each day. The ones I love, and the things I love are all there.
This morning, a religious group knocked on my door. NO. This is my sacred spot, and my spirituality is mine and I wont debate on my sacred spot.

I have a sacred space within my sacred place. That is that my cabin has an awesome porch. This year, I have been able to obtain some plants that needed a place to love them through the rest of their growth cycle, as well as a gift of motherwort, and a few herbs I purchased.

My porch continues to evolve in the last month of summer, and each day I love it more. I spray painted a bucket we use as a little table and added some washi tape. My boys lift out there and do push ups. I quietly deadhead my flowers and watch all the birds that come by, along with a bee here and there.

Where is your sacred space and what do you like to do there?


  1. That's so funny...your porch is my sacred place too!!! Hangin with my momma, brothers, and baby, listening to the birds chirp. Too bad I only get to see it once a year!

  2. I LOVE having you on my porch. You make it even better. And I have to say darling daughter, your lemon verbena soap rocked. I delivered it last week and when she and I have our next meeting for orders I will find out how quick it sold. I bet it goes fast:) I have white shea butter coming next week so I can try and duplicate it for her. Miss You so much. And Love you even more XOXOXO